Wien, E10

Photos: © Arenas Basabe Placios

Arenas Basabe Palacios arquitectos:
Enrique Arenas Laorga (ES), Luis Basabe Montalvo (ES) and Luis Palacios Labrador (ES)
Local Partners:
Buschina & Partner ZT GmbH

Land in Sicht (AT)
ARE (Austrian Real Estate GmbH)

Arenas Basabe Palacios was commissioned with the design and execution of 11 housing blocks in different scales, including 82 housing units with a total of 9500 m2 constructed surface containing community spaces, shared parking facilities for bicycles and commercial spaces in the ground floor zone.

In the foreseen urban tissue, the series of buildings joins different urban elements: a rehabilitated historic building transformed into a cultural centre, a grouping of cooperative housing units, an urban square with local suppliers and services, etc. The ’Allmende’, which are situated between the buildings, strengthen pedestrian connections and the continuity of nature within the predominantly pedestrian district. Those characteristic green zones do not need much care and are flexible to adapt to residents needs.

The design respects the original urban idea and furthermore creates new potential based on the garden-matrix, which is structuring the new district. Each block is constructed around its garden while edification varies in height, bay and edification type: constructions of small scale (size S) contain single-family housing and duplex; Medium-scaled buildings (size M) as their taller complements (size L) serve as collective housing blocks and develop a diverse and porous urban process.