Where the wilderness still thrives

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Scale: S architectural and urban scale
Team: architect/urban planner/landscape architect
Site family: Let the birds sing
Reflection site: 127 ha
Project site: 8.1 ha
After Competition: There is a definite intention to realise a redesign of the project site and involve the nominated team(s) in further processes.

In tune with the lake and the mountains, the small village of Lochau is nestled between the basic elements of nature: water and rock. Nature is deeply rooted in the lives of its inhabitants, providing opportunities and recreation from which everyone can benefit.

Nature, such as the topography of mountainous areas, can also be a limiting factor. In the case of Lochau, it determines the mobility corridor that runs along the coast. It is a significant barrier that separates the villagers from their beloved shore. How can the spirit of the lake be experienced more directly in the village? And how can the mobility corridor be softened to become an integral part of the urban fabric?

The residents of Lochau are very proud to live in such a beautiful place, but they are also aware of the economic pressures on the area. The excellent infrastructure links Lochau with the picturesque towns of Lindau and Bregenz, both just five minutes away. This additionally contributes to making Lochau a desirable place to be. Its popularity generates a lot of traffic and attracts many people. Its uniqueness is further enhanced by the fact that the entire Austrian shore of Lake Constance (28km) is open to the public and free of charge. Lochau has a marina, a Natura 2000 nature reserve and beautiful recreational areas on the water, making it a great place where many interests meet. How to balance and negotiate between economic pressure, intensified use, fragile ecosystems and vulnerable groups living in the area?

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Site visit Lochau
, analog & digital
Saturday 20.05.2023 / 10:00
Meeting point: Harbour of Lochau, in front of the ferry "alte Fähre"
Registration: Please confirm your participation via email to office@europan.at
(name, number of participants, mobile number) 
Livestream link: announcement on our website and instagram europan_austria