Transformative Milieus

Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban planner/landscape architect
Site family: Imagine a second life
Reflection site: 112 ha
Project site: 32ha
After Competition: There is a definite intention to involve the nominated team in the strategic processes and master planning.

Wiener Straße is the main artery when entering Graz from the north. Coming from the motorway, cars speed along a four-lane road towards the city centre. Gösting is the first district they encounter. Junctions and traffic lights slow the speed, and the 3-4 storey houses along the road become increasingly dense. However, the large supermarkets or car dealerships in between break the continuity. Gösting has a castle on the hill that no one on Wr. Straße would ever notice. Turn left or right at one of the intersections and you’ll find a heterogeneous, patchy urban fabric with lots of greenery and even small streams.

Another obstacle that cuts through Gösting is the railway line. In the near future, a mobility hub will be created with a regional train station and a tram loop with frequent services. This is a great opportunity to rethink the objective of the four-lane road, reduce private car traffic by shifting commuters to public transport, and to make the area more liveable and human-scaled again.

The task on this site is to look at the urban fabric, both its existing and its new potential as a result of infrastructure development. Accessibility to public infrastructure must be combined with a relaxed living environment and good community relations. To show how the future of this four-lane road and the transformation of this place between infrastructure and physical barriers can become a valuable place to live and a place of identity is the task of this site.

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Site visit Graz
, analog & digital
Friday 12.05.2023 / 11:00
Meeting point: Outside main station, Europaplatz 4, 8020 Graz
Registration: Please confirm your participation via email to
(name, number of participants, mobile number) > we will organise bikes for the site visit 
Livestream link: announcement on our website and instagram europan_austria