Rules of the Europan 17 Competition

Please find the complete and updated rules for EUROPAN17 on the European website, or download them right here:


The jury work in EUROPAN Austria x Slovenia is characterized by certain particular procedure.


In accordance with the requirements of EUROPAN Europe, the judging will be carried out in two evaluation stages. Minor deviations from international regulations within the process are described below.


Technical commission
A nationally designated technical committee determines the technical conformity of each project submitted.


1st stage evaluation: Jury on local level
Due to the experience of the positive influence on further project implementation, local experts are integrated in the decision-making process of the 1st stage evaluation on the level of each site: the seven-member jury is composed of 

• two members of the international jury of the 2nd and final evaluation, 

• two national experts of architectural and urban design in knowledge of the local specifics, and 

• three site representatives. 

As defined in the international EUROPAN guidelines the commission appoints one of the two international members for the Chair and agrees on the evaluation procedure. 

The jury then decides on the projects that do not comply with the rules and whether they are to be disqualified or not. The projects remaining in the evaluation are evaluated according to their conceptual content and their degree of innovation in relation to the EUROPAN17 topic. As a result, the commission selects 25% (or a minimum of 5 entries) of the submitted projects for the final evaluation.


2nd stage evaluation: International jury
The international jury commission, appointed by EUROPAN Austria and approved by EUROPAN Europe, consists of seven votes: 

• two experts of the urban order representing the clients‘ view, 

• five experts in the field of urbanism, architecture and landscape, and 

• one outstanding professional (in an associated field of the topic.)

By appointing two of the eight international experts to the local jury the transfer of information between 1st stage and 2nd stage is guaranteed.

The jury examines the shortlisted projects and selects the winners, runners- up, and special mentions according to the assessment criteria formulated by EUROPAN Europe (see the international competition description). The international jury has access to all entries and can vote to include projects that were not part of the pre-selection.

Each country‘s budget includes the equivalent of one winner and one runner-up per site. Each project will be judged on its own merits and the jury may award the prizes as a ranked or equal selection or decide not to award all the prizes. In this case, the reasons have to be published. The jury may select projects for a special mention. These projects are recognised by the jury as presenting innovative ideas or insights, but are not sufficiently suitable for the site. The authors of such projects will not receive any reward. 

The jury’s decisions are final in compliance with the rules of EUROPAN Europe.