Prize Ceremony and Exhibition


Photos © Manuela Wilpernig

The festive prize ceremony is the highlight of the E16 round. In this public event we celebrate all awarded projects of the three Austrian sites Graz, Klagenfurt and Linz and honor the awarded teams.
Embedded in an interactive evening around the topic of the living cities, all actors of EUROPAN16 in Austria will come together to progress on the next step. The opening of the exhibition showing all E16 entries on the Austrian sites will provide the stage for this evening.

Venue: Remise West, Südbahngürtel 26, 9020 Klagenfurt
Date: 24.03.2022
Start: 19:00

E16 Exhibition 25.3.- 7.04.2022


Welcome I Corinna Smrecnik | Councillor for Planning, Klagenfurt
Keynote I Bernd Vlay | President EUROPAN Austria
Dialogue I Rober Piechl | Head of Planning Department, Klagenfurt + Aglaée Degros | Professor TU Graz and member Advisory Board Klagenfurt
Prize Ceremony I Presentation of winning projects and honoring awardees
Book Launch & Drinks

Moderation: Iris Kaltenegger | Secretary General Europan Austria