Silvester Kreil (AT), student in architecture
Christopher Gruber (AT), student in architecture
Simon Hirtz (AT), student in architecture
Maximilian Klammer (AT), architect
Jakob Jakubowski (AT), student in architecture
Stepan Nesterenko (AT), student in architecture
Based in: Vienna, AUSTRIA

Team Statement: The tension between pragmatic ideas and artistic interventions is the potential of our project. We propose a framework that enables various uses and a mix of different generations; flexible floor-plans and a neighbourhood as a system which functions on many levels and scales. The transformation of the current traffic- and parking areas towards spaces of urbanity and multi-use will create a vibrant third space.
This project is not aiming for a status quo and is not thought as a finished ‘ultimate‘ proposal. In the spirit of resilience, we rather envision to distribute a growing infrastructure that evolves with its inhabitants, the existing environment and changes according to the future demands of a mixed and progressive city.

Jury Statement: “The jury unanimously agreed that this proposal is a significant input to Europan. The main idea where urban design should be negotiated and create community, is perceived as interesting and ambitious. In reality developers are not in for something like that. They don’t ask for negotiation or qualities; they ask for the highest price. The risk that the project is not installed, is therefore perceived very high.
The proposal, as the discussion proceeds, has the risk to be after all rather conventional. As a valuable contribution to the Europan competition the jury nominates this proposal as a special mention.”