Nina Cosmea Mayerhofer (AT), spatial planner
Kerstin Pluch (AT), architect
Magdalena Maierhofer (AT), architect
Madlyn Miessgang (AT), architect
Based in: Vienna, Austria

Team Description: Supporting small production cycles and bringing manufacturing back into the urban context is one of the necessary steps for cities to deal with ecological challenges. By the inwards growth and redensification of Villach‘s old town, resources are used efficiently and a city of short distances is supported. The proposal Stadthöfe offers a functional mix of production, community labs, services, education, health care and (temporary) living offers complemented by an intermodal mobility hub serving future standards. By developing adapted versions of the small structures of Villach‘s yards, Stadthöfe offers additional (hidden) gems and new routes within the urban pattern for residents, makers and visitors. The yards cater as outdoor areas for urban manufacturing and facilitate social exchange.

Jury Statement: “The project refers to the historical development of Villach, with its permeable urban fabric and interprets it in the context of current and future needs, in the form of courtyards (Stadthöfe). The Stadthöfe are envisaged as common areas for local residents and craftsmen as well as hidden spatial treasures in the urban fabric. The goal is to use the human scale as a benchmark and to offer plenty of space. […] The Jury appreciates this well shaped and good proportioned project, which makes a direct reference to the historic Villach’s permeable urban fabric with its interconnecting yards. The proposal is perceived as easy and feasible with a robust typology - an open block structure, with scattered high points.“

Team Statement: "Our project Stadthöfe is a future-oriented reinterpretation of the qualities of Villach’s inner city courtyards, respectfully augmenting them and adding new layers of mobility, housing and production. The urban scale, the specific location - contrasting and at the same time linking the inner city with the surroundings - as well as the honest curiosity of the site representatives piqued our passion for the Europan site of Villach. Creating not only an active new neighborhood, but at the same time fostering the very heart of the productive Alpe-Adria-Region."