Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban planners/landscape architect
Site family: making proximities - Third Space
Strategic site: 10 ha
Project site: 4,5 ha
Commission: strategic urban concept as a base for further development steps

Villach’s E15 site negotiates an exciting position between up-and-coming, diverse suburbia and the lively, historic city centre.  Its location is the gap between the heart of the old town with its cafes, little shops and narrow alleys and suburbia with its schools, army base, climbing centre and industrial sites.

Unique potential lies in the regional railway station which is part of the ambitious development area. Though currently only used moderately it possesses the powerful ability to branch out into the region, enabling access to and from the city and mediating between different speeds. Paired with a visionary mobility strategy, innovative synergies between production, recreation and housing are required. Promote the site as a hinge and unfold an exceptional, experimental pilot project for Villach.

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