Scale: L – urban and architectural
Team: architect/urban planners/landscape arch.
Site family: Implanting - Productive uses
Strategic site: 18 ha
Project site: 3,2 ha
Commission: A commissioning for a strategic urban concept of the winning team is intended.

Innsbruck’s newly elected government has an extremely ambitious plan for the city. Goals are already set for soft mobility, sustainability, densification and reuse, green and open spaces, job preservation and creation, and participation. Everything is geared towards a resilient city with short distances. The E15 site doesn’t just sit within this progressive framework of ideas, it is perfectly located on a central spot in town, where all of the above-mentioned ideas come together at once. Central questions will revolve around a concept for a future Market Hall and a strategy for linking the river with the site. Nothing less than a pioneering vision for lively, open and innovative spaces is required. A multifold of production facilities with strategically-designed synergies should act as a trigger for the whole area.

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